GP Fees

Our billing setup is designed to be fair.

We don’t think its fair for patients to pay up to $95 in the CBD for simple issues that only take a few minutes to sort out. 

The Medicare rebate has basically been stagnant for 12 years now, which makes universal bulk-billing unviable. So, we now charge a small gap fee for almost all consults. 

Our fees are based on the time actually spent with the doctor.

We will take the time to properly deal with the issue at hand but we have no interest in taking longer than needed - if the problem is sorted, its sorted.

All patients without a Medicare card are billed $81

For Medicare card holders:

< 5 Mins : Bulk-billed

  • Scripts ONLY (NO other issues)
  • De-sensitisation injections (NO other issues)
  • Flu & Whooping Cough Vaccinations (NO other issues)
  • Repeat referrals (NO other issues)   

5 - 9 Mins

  • $10 gap fee ($47.60 paid with $37.6 back from Medicare) 

10 – 14 Mins

  • $15 gap fee ($52.60 paid with $37.60 back from Medicare) 

15 – 19 Mins

  • $20 gap fee ($57.60 paid with $37.60 back from Medicare) 

20 Mins +

  • $20 gap fee ($91.70 paid with $71.70 back from Medicare) 

Suturing/Laceration Repair

  • $90 gap after Medicare rebates (total will vary based on item numbers)

Vaccine Fees

  • $25 Fluquadri (Quadrivalent flu vaccine) 
  • $75 Havrix (Hepatitis A)
  • $25 Engerix-B/HBII VAX (Hepatitis B)  
  • $85 Twinrix (Hepatitis A + B)
  • $65 Typhim Vi (Typhoid)
  • $165 Vivaxim (Hepatitis A + Typhoid)
  • $150 Gardasil (HPV)
  • $45 Boostrix (Whooping cough/Tetanus/Diptheria)

Selecting an Appointment

The way we make this work is by allocating an appropriate appointment length to each patient. This is an inexact science and we know it's difficult for patients to estimate the likely time their problems will require.

So, here are a list of common presentations and our best guess as to how long they are likely to take and therefore what appointment time to book.

Make your best guess, you will not be penalised if you get it wrong. It takes as long as it takes. This is just to help us run on time. The billing is based on how many minutes the appointment actually lasts.

5 Minute Appointments

  • scripts
  • de-sensitisation injections
  • referrals
  • urine infections
  • vaccinations only - flu, whooping cough, repeat Hep B (NOT travel vax)
  • simple results follow-up
  • simple wound reviews
  • removal of sutures
  • result review 

10 Minute Appointments

  • multiple issues
  • ear complaints (including syringing)
  • STD infections (or wanting to test for STD)
  • cough/colds/sore throat/sinus complaints
  • dressing change
  • possible fractures (includes wrist/hand/fingers/ankle injuries)
  • travel advice and vaccinations
  • abdominal pain
  • chest pain
  • dizziness
  • rash/allergy
  • headache
  • eye issues

15 Minute Appointments

·      likely laceration repair


Payment is made at time of consultation

  • Full payment is made by Cash, Credit Card or EFTPOS.
  • We use EASYCLAIM which puts your Medicare rebate back into your account within seconds.
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