GP Fees

From Jan 1, 2019.

We don’t think its fair for patients to pay over $90 ($50+ gap) for standard appointments in the CBD, especially for simple issues that only take a few minutes to sort out.

We don't allocate longer than needed and charge the patient for it.

Our fees are based on the time actually spent with the doctor. As a result our average gap fee (after Medicare rebate) is only about $25. 

We are able to do this because we carefully match appointment duration to the different types of patient presentations. The result is better patient flow with less doctor down-time. This means we can keep our gap fees at about 50% of the CBD average whilst still giving each patient the time required to properly deal with their issues.

For Medicare card holders:

Bulk-Billed - Strictly these reasons only :

  1. Scripts

    • repeat scripts for long-term medication already being taken.

    • eg: oral contraceptives, blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, diabetic medication etc.

    • NOT “ I need some antibiotics”.

    • if other issues are dealt with, then private fees apply.

  2. Injections

    • desensitisation/fluvax/whooping cough/depot contraceptive/B12 only.

    • if other issues are dealt with, then private fees apply.

    • does NOT apply to travel vaccinations or childhood immunisations.

  • Must book a 5 minute appointment.

  • Appointment should take a few minutes only.

  • NO other issues.

Private Fee - All other issues :

  • The fee is based on the actual time spent with the doctor:

< 10 Mins : $60

  • $37.60 instantly back from Medicare (gap of $22.40)

  • 0:00 - 9:59 (mins:secs)

10-15 Mins : $70

  • $37.60 instantly back from Medicare (gap of $32.40)

  • 10:00 - 14:59 (mins:secs)

15-20 Mins : $80

  • $37.60 instantly back from Medicare (gap of $42.40)

  • 15:00 - 19:59 (mins:secs)

20+ Mins : $125

  • $72.80 instantly back from Medicare (gap of $52.20)

  • 20:00 + (mins:secs)

Suturing/Laceration Repair

  • $75 gap after Medicare rebates (total will vary based on item numbers)

Vaccine Fees

  • $25 Fluquadri (Quadrivalent flu vaccine)

  • $75 Havrix (Hepatitis A)

  • $25 Engerix-B/HBII VAX (Hepatitis B)

  • $85 Twinrix (Hepatitis A + B)

  • $65 Typhim Vi (Typhoid)

  • $165 Vivaxim (Hepatitis A + Typhoid)

  • $150 Gardasil (HPV)

  • $45 Boostrix (Whooping cough/Tetanus/Diptheria)

All patients without a Medicare card are billed $80

Payment is made at time of consultation

  • Full payment is made by Cash, Credit Card or EFTPOS.

  • We use EASYCLAIM which puts your Medicare rebate back into your account within seconds.

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