Skin cancer services are provided by Spot Check: skin health & skin cancer clinic

Spot Check specialises in providing evidence-based best practice in skin cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Skin examination and photography, with cutting-edge digital analysis

Dr Chris Miller, an experienced skin cancer doctor, examines your body for signs of skin cancer, paying special attention to any spots you’re worried about. We take photos of your whole body and high-magnification photos of any individual spots of interest.

Our photo system compares your body photos to highlight new and changing lesions over time. An artificial intelligence algorithm can assist in analysis and diagnosis of individual spots.1

Online access to your photos and records… and your doctor

View your own photos any time via a secure website or app. Spot Check provides your photos, pathology results and resources based on your skin condition and risk factors.

When you can’t make it to Spot Check in person, you can upload a photo of any new or changing spots you’ve noticed. A doctor will reply with advice within 48 hours.

Your personalised skin protection plan

Your skin cancer specialist will discuss your medical history, sun exposure history and skin cancer risk factors to develop a personalised skin protection plan to help you avoid skin cancer and maintain skin health.

Depending on your risk factors and personal preferences, your skin protection plan might include advice on:

  • Sunscreens
  • Supplements 
  • Skin creams
  • Medical treatments
  • Smart phone apps
  • How to photograph and analyse your own moles

Ongoing care, without ongoing expenses

Sometimes it takes more than one visit to properly manage your skin cancer.

  • You might notice a new or changing spot after you’ve already had a skin check
  • Your doctor might wish to rephotograph a spot of concern
  • You might need to return for a procedure or other treatment

Spot Check doesn’t penalise you if your skin needs a lot of attention and repeat visits. You pay a single out-of-pocket fee per year for most Spot Check consultations and services. Where possible, all further visits and services for the next 12 months are bulk-billed. (Conditions apply: see

Single spot check

If you are worried about a single spot and don’t want to have your whole body checked, we will make every effort to see you on the same day, or the next day our clinic is open. The single spot check service includes photograph and digital analysis of the spot of concern.

Any further visits or medical services in relation to the single spot of concern are bulk-billed. (Conditions apply: see


1.      This feature is experimental and currently in beta testing. It may not be available for all lesions. Reference: Esteva A et al. Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks. Nature (542): 116-118

Dr Chris Miller